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Posted in Working Mothers on 15th November 2010

Scholarships For Hard Working Mothers

Working mothers are the finest class of people who have an inborn tendency to multi-task. A normal day of their life is not simple with the different duties and responsibilities which they have to fulfill, come what may. They may not complain about the responsibilities but in the end, they keep their dreams aside to provide for their families and do not attempt to uncover their ideas and realize it. Many of the working mothers work at very minor jobs just to provide the bare needs of the family. But, the point which really goes unnoticed from their minds is if they are more educated or qualified they would be able to earn thrice or more for the same working hours and provide the best for their kids. This thought has arisen in the mind of the federal government and other institutions and hence, have put forward their contribution and have started scholarships for working mothers.

Time, money and confidence are the three major problems for working mothers which are hindering their path to education. The involvement of the federal government comes into the picture then, where it has agreed to support all of those interested mothers whose paper work are completely approved. They have agreed to sponsor the full education fees until the completion of the course. Also, as per President Obama’s administration, the federal grants and state grants have been renewed. A sum of billion has been set aside for the Pell grants which are to be used for the brilliant students from the low-income groups. Under the same reference, we can hardly forget to mention the American Opportunity Tax Credit program which states that the 00 of initial fees required for higher education is absolutely free for most of the U.S citizens. The federal grants have to be applied online via FAFSA, which is the online center dedicated for this purpose.

In this context regarding the scholarships for working mothers, the mention of eLearners can hardly be ignored. ELearners is an organization which has constantly provided its approval and support for the working mothers and through its newest campaign “Project Working Mom: Putting Education to Work”, it is emphasizing on the critical need to provide funding for the education of the mothers and help them move forward. Several colleges have come forward with their help for this noble cause, a few amongst them as American Intercontinental University, DeVry University and Walden University. Project Working Mom 2010, believes in providing up to 285 scholarships totaling to an amount of million.

Raise the Nation is also an important organization working towards the welfare of mothers and providing monetary help to educate them. Some of the other important scholarship programs which aims at providing funds to working mothers and enhance their careers, has been listed below:

– Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship for Mature Women
– The United Negro College FundScholarships Programs
– Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship
– University Women’s Club Nontraditional Student Scholarship
– Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards
– Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship
– International Women’s Fishing Association Scholarship
– Ford Opportunity Program

Working mothers need a real push to make them understand the reality and the importance of being qualified. They need to comprehend the fact that without education, a person cannot reach anywhere. Scholarships for working mothers are the real message and the answer to the problems of the mothers and a perfect way of indirectly saying that, ‘Acquiring education should be everyone’s goal and pride.’

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