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Posted in Working Mothers on 11th February 2011

Scholarships and Aid For Stay-At-Home Mothers

Article by Walter Sigmore

Stay-at-home mothers devote their entire life for their family and children. They are always there for their kids and the well-being of her family is the major source of happiness for them. They end up their lives in the four walls of their house. They do have aspirations but it gets curled up in the life of their family. To make mothers understand the power of education and to make these dreams come true has thus been introduced numerous scholarships for stay-at-home mothers.

Stay-at-home mothers need to tear off the protective covering which they feel inside their home and need to explore the world of education that lies far ahead of their duties and responsibilities. eLearners is a very committed and potent institution working towards the well being of the mothers. They are trying to reach out to them in every way possible so as to make them understand the strength that is enclosed in education. ‘Project Working Mom: Putting education to Work’ is a campaign which is not only for working mothers but for all kinds of mothers. eLearners has a huge target of providing 285 scholarships to mothers for the academic year 2010-2011, the total of which would amount to million. Online colleges and universities like DeVry University, American Intercontinental University, Ashworth College, Virginia College and Walden University are supporting eLearners in this dignified venture.

The federal government also realizes the cause of underemployment and unemployment as the lack of education to the mothers. Some of the grants from the government have become so advanced now that if the required paperwork is approved, then the entire cost of the educational course would be taken care by them, which is an amazing opportunity for the mothers. – billion has been assigned for federal and state grants, individually, for the academic year of 2010-2011. The famous of all the federal grants is the Pell grants, for which the state is willing to use an amount of billion. The other federal grants include the ACG, National SMART Grant, FSEOG and the TEACH grant. The federal grants have to be applied online through the FAFSA. Obama’s ‘Mom’s return to school’ program is also becoming popular now and people are recognizing the direct message transmitted through it. Most of these programs have the online means of education which are extremely convenient to the stay-at-home mothers to earn a degree from the comfort of their homes.

Various other scholarships are also available owing to the efforts of several non-profit organizations; one important amongst them is Raise the Nation. Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program, CLIMB Wyoming, The Fleming Associates Young Parent Program and Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards are some of the scholarship programs organized by the women-oriented institutions.

Mothers need to understand thattheir life is not only for their family but also to pursue their dreams and realize them. Scholarships for stay-at-home mothers is a great pathway laid out to them to become successful and to stand proud on their own feet.

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