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Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd January 2011

Scholarships 4 Moms – Scholarships For Working Mothers

Single and working mothers are people that we can’t help but look up to. Each awakening day of their lives is a struggle to endure the hardship and pain of survival. Working and playing the role of mother and father is a great responsibility. Oftentimes, this responsibility means that they would have to give up their education so that they can focus on being a parent to their child. It’s good that scholarships for working mothers are being offered by the government to help these mothers out. Most of these educational scholarships are presented online.

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Unlike a traditional campus education, the convenience of online education allows for school to be scheduled around the life of a busy mother. Most online courses have flexible schedules, which allow a working mother to study late at night or during weekends. With online education, there will be no need to arrange for child care or find courses that are delivered during a certain period.

Most mothers who are working full time need financial aid to be able to go to school part time. But then again, financial aid eligibility and awards are modelled after a traditional campus-based student going to school full time for ten months. The Institute for Higher Education Policy said that only fifty-four percent of students attending part time and classified as working poor received financial aid grants during the school year 2003-2004.

With financial help for working mothers, she will be more likely to become much more at ease in performing her daily undertakings. Single and working mothers are especially restricted in what she is able to do because of the lack of funds. These financial aid grants can help reduce the possibility of mental stress that often leads to drug or alcohol dependence.

It is very important for single mothers to be able to finish their education. Fortunately enough, many scholarships for working mothers have come into play.

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