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Posted in Working Mothers on 20th January 2011

Scholarship essay question?
Hi, I’m writing an essay for a scholarship, and I’m having trouble coming up with a start for this one:

“On a separate sheet, please tell us about yourself, your family, your life’s ambition and goals and how you feel this scholarship will impact you.”

The part about my goals and the impact of the sholarship are fine with me, but I don’t know how to start talking about myself and my family. Do I just come out and say “I was born to ___ and ____ in 19__. My father worked as a _____ while my mother ____”

I’m at a writer’s block now, any advice to get this one started???

Thank you!

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Answer by EMW
I am the oldest of five sons, and live in a “traditional” family atmosphere in a small town in the Midwestern United States. Being the oldest, my parents have certain aspirations for me, but I want…

Answer by x3Stephernee
You can start it out like that. There’s nothing wrong with that, other than it is a bit boring and almost everyone will start it like that. Why not try to start it out a little different? It will make your essay stand out and the readers will remember it more than the other essays.

If there’s anything interesting/different about you, make that the starting point. For example, I’m born on Christmas day. Most people thought that was interesting, so I always liked to start paragraphs/papers about my self off with saying I was born on Christmas. For this essay I might start the paragraph off something like this: “It was 33 degrees outside, almost cold enough to snow. It wasn’t a night that everyone would be outside. The clouds overhead had been promising snow all day and as the stars twinkled and the moon shined, the town was silent, expect for the crying of a newborn baby in Room 321 at ______ ________ Hospital. And that baby was me! It was Christmas morning, 6:21am. That was the day that I was born to _____ and _______.”

That’s just an example. Make your differences work for you.

Answer by Jim
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