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Posted in Babysitting on 4th April 2011

Salary for Stay at homes?
Every year or so I hear studies about how much a stay-at-home parent is worth monetarily. Just who are they fooling? I tell you what, if I didn’t stay-at-home I would still have to do everything that is on my “to do list” that I already have: laundry, feed myself and my family, help my child with homework, yard work, pay bills, and clean.

The only DIFFERENT thing that I do as a stay-at-home parent is “babysit” my own kids for more hours than I would if I worked out of the home. This babysitting entails minor cooking of breakfast and lunch (I’m assuming that I would have to come home and make dinner) and making sure my kids behave and play nice with each other. I also read to them and color and play with them if I feel like it. Seeing as babysitters don’t get paid very much, I think that my actual pay for staying at home is about $ 10,000 a year at most–the 6 figure incomes tauted are tauted just to make stay at home parents feel good about their “so called job” and you?

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Answer by western b
I disagree. Before I started staying home with my son, both my husband and I had full time careers. We SPLIT the housework between the two of us. Granted I may have done more than half of the cooking/bathroom cleaning, but he did the vaccuming and general housekeeping. We both did the grocery shopping, bill paying, car maintenencing, etc.

Once I started staying home there was a HUGE shift. I now do 100% of the housework, bills, cooking, shopping and taking the cars for work, not to mention take care of our boys.

As far as my actual monetary “worth,” my husband and I just assume I am saving us the cost of full time daycare in our local area…which works out to $ 10,400 a year.

Answer by Kit-E-Kat
Wow, that’s pretty harsh. Staying at home with your children isn’t always the easy job a lot of people seem to think it is (if you’re doing it right). I’m at home, and I’m just as tired at the end of the day than when I was working.
However, and I’ll probably get shot for this, I will admit that I don’t know how I would handle full time work and looking after the kids. I greatly admire parents who work and raise children, AND I think that mostly, they do have it tougher. But give people a break, you’ll always find exceptions to every rule. Some working mothers are terrible, just as are some mothers who stay at home.
I’m a stay at home mum, an I do see your point, and I respect it fully. But please try to do the same for other people!

Answer by strictmom
It depends on whether both you and your partner are working or not. I am a working mom(taking time out after giving birth in April) and my hhusband stays at home. I think he would disagree with your statement as he takes pride in the fact that I can come home from a long day at work and put my feet up if I wish. He has dinner ready and the younger kids are usually dressed and ready for bed.
The only job I HAVE to do is tuck every single one of my ten kids in and get them to sleep but who wouldn’t want that job???? I miss so much of their day that its something I insist on doing and I claim it as my territory.
And during the weekend we split the chores but I usually cook and let my husband take a back seat as family man, spending time with my kids is what I live for.
Perhaps you wouldnt be earning a huge salary but I know in our case my husband staying home has given our family a better supporting salary and that financial difference is sustantial, you too are probably making that same sacrifice.

Answer by Laurie W
I am with you on this one. I am a half time employee, so that I can spend time home with my kids. But I understand this is a luxury we can afford. On the days I work, I still have to do all the same things I have to do on the days I stay at home. I just have to squeeze them into reduced hours.

I have seen the figures where people pay themselves six figures for cook, housekeeper, driver, etc. I find it a bit ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong I am the vice – president of our local MOMS club, I value the benefits associated with stay at home parenting.

I just think these moms who quote those crazy salaries are trying to justify their decision. In my house, it is acknowledged that being at home is hard work. It is stressful and exhausting. I love my kids. Before lunch today – my 2 year wet her bed last night, so new clean sheet before nap, scheduled play date (which she had to be actually dragged from kicking and screaming), stop and buy milk and cat food, pick up hubby’s dry cleaning, then my 10 month old blew out of his diaper and got his clothes and the changing table (more emergency laundry). And in my spare time my family expects me to stop over and take care of my elderly grandmother (because I am not doing anything important.) Then time for lunch and housework.

My workdays are much easier than my stay at home days. But those inflated salaries -please. I feel bad for those women in that they must not get much support for other people in their lives. My husband is a lawyer and he acknowledges that he would never be able to stay at home. 15 minutes into a whining jag, he would lose it.

As a nanny I made 450.00 a week for essentially the same job, except I got to go home and relax at the end of the day. That is $ 22,500 dollars a year with no benefits. But then again I only have a Master’s degree, two years experience as a nanny and six years as a pre-school teacher, maybe the women deserving these six figure salaries have better qualifications than I do.

Answer by Magic
As a person who has been on both sides of the equation here , both stay at home, and working parent, i really resent the way you portray “Stay at home Moms” It’s even odd to me, it’s almost as if your trying to make a point by saying they do nothing….
Let me tell you when you have children , small to teens, you are constantly on the run , and attending to their needs, what happened to , changing diapers, bathing , story time, meals, outdoors, groceries, errands, cleaning up, taking care of boo-boo’s, explaining to them how to grow up to be a decent productive person, who will go into society , all this doesn;t happen in one sitting , it’s through constant steady nuturing.
To a child your not only mom , your friend , teacher, counselor, cheerleader, defender, critic, and an endless ammount of other things, through out their lifetimes, to say you do nothing more than watch them , and maybe color if you want to , just goes to show maybe your measley $ 10,ooo, dollar sum IS exactly what you are providing to them.
Along with all the other duties, House cleaning , errands, etc.
Child rearing full time, is a job that is vastly taken for granted by people such as your self, whom belittle it every chance you get , there is no ammount of money that could pay for what a full time mother does , and the sacrifice , and unslefishness to do so , To give your self up for another human being, No $ $ $ can come close.
And to touch on the fact that when you work outside the home you do all of the same things, (unless you a single parent on a tight budget) I beg to differ( who by the way i give kudos to) because I too , work , and it is much easier at times, to be surrounded by adults, a career, and you pay for help when needed, such as a family member, housekeeper, dry cleaners,After school activities , day care, sports, eating out more, ect ect…Plus if your kids are going through a childhood faze and driving you bananas you can easily drop them off at school or daycare and you have a long breather…. . HAve you ever thought of the growing number of parents that homeschool>??? Add that to the mix…
I think you may feel inadequate and by belittling stay at home parents, justify your own insecurities, and choices , do what you gotta do , I have respect for both sides , the working mother and the Stay at home , But would never be little “the so called job”!

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