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Posted in Toddlers on 9th January 2011

Remedy For Aggressive Toddler Behavior

Finding a remedy for aggressive toddler behavior may seem almost impossible for parents who are stuck trying to determine how their child became so aggressive, so quickly.

If you are having trouble with aggressive toddler behavior, it probably isn’t really reassuring to you to know that many parents go through this exact same thing at some time.

Toddlers observe and absorb a lot of what goes on in the world around them. If you, as a family, have an aggressive approach to dealing with situations, you may not even realize it until your toddler starts to act in much the same way that you do. Before you know it, you will be having trouble with aggressive toddler behavior.

Smacking your toddler and yelling at them will only serve to heighten the intensity of their aggression, so you need to find another way to deal with this type of situation. If you are having trouble with aggressive toddler behavior, you need to have a look at why your toddler is reacting this way. It is usually their way of dealing with a situation that they do not want to be in.

If you are having trouble with aggressive toddler behavior, it could be frustration on your child’s part. A really great way to counteract frustration is to use “signing”. Place your finger over your lips and mouth “shhhh”. Toddlers love to mimic, so if you can get them to observe you and copy you, this technique works quite well. Ask your child to use their “inside voice” and lower your own to a level that they can barely hear.

It is easy to teach a child sign language, and if your child’s speech is not quite developed, it is empowering for your child to communicate with you in an alternate way. You can teach your child ways to express themselves with sign and they will soon learn that it is a very effective way to be heard and understood. If you are having trouble with aggressive toddler behavior, then this is a great way to empower your child to discipline themselves.

As strange as it may sound, when you teach a toddler how to sign, they will often catch themselves before they scream and yell, and use sign instead. Not only will your child feel like they have some control, they will be in control and less prone to acting aggressively. Another great thing about teaching your toddler sign language is that it gives the two of you something to work on together. You can praise your child for getting things right, and praise is often a really great tool for getting your toddler to behave appropriately instead of aggressively.

When we are having trouble with aggressive toddler behavior, we often forget that toddlers are little people who have a lot to learn about communication and social skills. It is up to us to teach them everything they need to know to deal with the real world. Often, it is frustrating to see aggression, but it is important to remember the hurdles your toddler isfacing. You need patience and kindness, and teaching your child sign language can be a wonderful communication tool.

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