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Posted in Child Care on 27th June 2011

Recycling Your Unused Child care Center’s Supplies

Article by Termetrice Gibbons

With the continued focus of society on saving and recycling, shouldn’t child care educators be concerned about recycling as well? Recycling is not just about taking cans, plastics, and papers to your local recycling center, although that is an excellent community service. Many centers have begun reducing their usage of paper, providing more outdoor time, and using products made of recycled materials in efforts to be more green.

Recycling is also about finding a new home for toys and equipment no longer used, passing curriculum materials to someone else, and selling educational supplies you’ve decided to change. You may be thinking that your materials are outdated, worn out, or just wouldn’t be desirable. Think again. There are potentially hundreds of child care centers that would welcome any curriculum materials, supplies, and tools you no longer use in your center.

In addition, tables, chairs, mats, bookcases, toys, playground equipment, and everything else needed to provide a good experience for children is very expensive. When you have something you no longer need, but it is still functional and usable, consider selling it to another child care educator instead of putting it in the trash. You will be providing a great service when you pass those things along to another child care or educational center just starting out.

How to You Find a Child care Center in Need

How in the world are you going to find the centers that could use your things? That’s easy, online auction sites reach centers across the country, and even the world. Generally there are three ways to post and sell an item on these sites:

1. Auction the item. When you put an item up for auction your list it in the auction listing, set a deadline for bids, and usually set a minimum amount you’re willing to accept. The highest bidder wins and purchases the item.

2. Buy now. Buy now items are listed with a set price and the first person who agrees to that price buys the item.

3. Your online store. You simply set up a presence on the site with all your items showcased at your store. Customers of the site shop your store and purchase items like any other online store.

Now that you know how to sell your used child care equipment, toys, supplies, and curriculum materials online, you can recycle those items which is better for the environment, for you, and certainly for the new child care center able to open at a lower cost.

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