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Posted in Toddlers on 8th December 2010

Questions about my situation with my one year old and breastfeeding :)?
Okay here’s the 411. Exclusively breastfed baby, one year old in two weeks, doesn’t eat much food but takes bites here and there. Chokes and throws up when eating anything like meat. (even cut up very small and shredded)
I had tried giving her whole milk on occasion the last couple weeks, which is promptly followed by diarrhea.

Okay, now…I simply cannot go on breastfeeding this baby as much as I love her. It is time to wean as I am no longer enjoying the nursing experience and it is causing me much stress. Here are my questions.

1. What should I offer her instead of whole milk? I heard Soy milk carries high estrogen, not sure on this. Would 1/2 soy milk 1/2 formula be an option?

2. What kind of foods does your one year old eat? Are the Gerber “toddler” options such as the pasta bites supposed to go as early as one year? Please help I am VERY paranoid about choking, it scares me to no end when she is trying new things.

3. What did you do about night weaning when you weaned? If my baby is woken in the night she refuses to go back to sleep unless she can nurse.

Please help me breastfeeding/ ex-breastfeeding moms.
Was anyone in the same boat as me?

My family accuses me of “spoiling” her because she only likes to nurse and has barely any interest in “real” food.

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Answer by monica
wow thats tough. i breastfed my first son til he was over 2yrs old. exclusivly breastfed til he was 7mths. he would not eat at all when i went back to work no matter how many times we offered the bottle but eventually he took it. at 2 yrs of age he was old enough to understand, he did not want to get off the breast! so i put bandiads on them and told him they were booboos and they hurt. he stil had to sleep on my bare chest to fall to sleep. eventually he learned and the bandaids helped. it may take you some time. at one year he didnt eat much either. food here and there. formula once in a while. and breastfed when i was around. your daughter will learn in time

Answer by the_emrod
Are you saying that she is not on three solid meals a day? Blimey.

You need to get tough. She is waking in the night not through hunger but habit so just don’t go in to her. Good luck.

Answer by ♥♥Xanden’s Mommy♥♥
🙂 Congrats on making it a year! yay! My baby is 12 months and its been 2 days since I’ve breastfed him.
transitioning was not hard for us. Of course.. he took formula also, so i switched him to milk by mixing the formula and milk in the 2 bottles a day he did take.

1. I’m not sure. Not soy. first try a milk with less lactose. You should see something in he milk isle, if unsure def. ask your doc which one has the high fat content you are looking for with whole milk.
does she take any formula?? If yes, then start with 1/4 milk and 3/4 formula for 2-3 days then 2/4 milk and 2/4 formula then 3/4 milk and 1/4 formula. and then all milk. My son transitioned fully in 2 weeks. if she doesn’t take formula, is pumping an option?? You could just replace the “formula” with the breastmilk? Just for these 2 weeks. In a sippy, or reg. cup, not the bottle if you can.

2. Anything really…. He is just now getting teeth 3&4 so he’s been doing well with 2 teeth. I don’t buy those toddler meals. No point. he eats what i eat + more veggies and fruit! His favs are chicken, green beans, sausage, turkey burgers with veggies, sweet potato, beef, hot dogs and mac, brocolli, brocolli and cheese rice and chicken meal….. those are his favs. Your daughter should be able to eat a lot now. “Gagging” is normal in trying new foods and textures. Just watch her closely while she eats. Make sure everything is in bite size pieces. I was like that too when mine first started eating more solids – but he’s never had a problem.

3. My baby did this too! And we co sleep so its not like i could just ignore his cries. we had 3 bad nights when i decided no more eating at night time. I cut it out completely. I pat his back instead. Boy was he MAD! but he quickly got over it. Be consistent in whatever you want. Simply do not give her the breast during the night. if she cries (which she will!) She cries… Try to work with her and see what can calm her down. Expect her to cry for 2-3 hours… but it won’t last forever.

good luck. TAke away one feeding at a time with nursing until all are gone. BUT you can only do this once you have found an alternative to the milk. certainly if she can’t handle it, you don’t want to give it to her. Tomorrow work on finding her an alternative and offer it to her. if she drinks it, great. If she doesn’t then i suppose she’ll need to wait until the Next nursing session to eat. when you offer the milk, also offer her a nice meal. try one meal a day for the next few days and see if you can “help” her eat it. try to make it fun. When she takes a bite lots of Mmmmmmmmmmmmms and yay’s and your a big girls.
Add another meal when she does well with that one.

Good luck. hope this will help u.

Answer by balletgal
My son was allergic to dairy too, and my doctor said not to try soy milk because most people who can’t handle dairy can’t handle soy either. She suggested rice milk, which worked really well for us (my son was 15 months old). They do need the fat in their diet though, so you’re supposed to mix flax seed oil in the baby’s applesauce or baby food. My son also choked on everything. My family actually got used to cupping their hands in front of his mouth every time he ate because something was always bound to come back up. I found out later he had SPD, which is sensory issues, and the food truly did irritate his throat more than he could take. He ate baby food until he was close to three. I supplemented with things like soft cheese (he wasn’t allergic to processed dairy like cheese/yogurt), cheerios, little frozen vegetables like peas and corn (the cold would make him keep them down better), and pureed meats. For night weaning, I did it in stages. At first I would refuse to nurse but allow the baby to sleep on my chest. When he got used to that, I moved him to sleeping beside me. Then I moved him into the crib while I laid on the floor next to him until he fell asleep, and then him going to sleep in the crib by himself. I never let him cry, always patter his back and reassured him. It takes time, but it does work. Hope this helps.

Answer by GranolaMom
It sounds like you’re ready to wean, but your daughter isn’t. Have you explored any ways to make breastfeeding her less stressful and more pleasant while you gradually introduce more complementary foods?

Answer by Precious
I wish you the best. I’m was never quite in the same boat as you but here’s what I did and maybe it will help you. (I breastfed my first, my daughter, for 15 months and my son will be 2 next month and we are weaning. I don’t deny him the breast if he wants it but he’s only wanted it about 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I’m going to miss it so that’s probably why I’m not saying no but obviously he’s done.)

1. My kids hated milk. My daughter would only on occasion drink soy milk. I ended up just giving my kids water flavored with a little juice and to get their dairy gave them yogurt and cheese and didn’t worry about the milk.

2. At 12 months, my kids ate just about anything except for chewy steak. I would usually mash up food on my plate and feed it to them. My kids only gagged early on while learning to eat like between 6-10 months and then they did pretty well and knew to spit things out instead of gag. Just cut up foods in really small bites and mash it with your fork for now.

3. My kids were sleeping through the night by 8 weeks and 7 weeks respectively so I didn’t have to worry about this but on the very rare occasion they awoke during the night, I would usually just rock them back to sleep and sing to them, or if it was due to them being sick, do what I usually did for that and then maybe breastfed them if they needed it.

My son has been using sippy cups or a cup/lid/straw combo since 11 months (even while breastfeeding) so he’s never had a bottle since then. He didn’t like bottles even when he was a baby and I had pumped for him so getting him to use a sippy cup was easy. Yes, you have spoiled your daughter but we all spoil our kids one way or another. If you make a big deal of it, she’ll want to eat what you eat. My daughter wouldn’t eat food on her plate. She wanted the food off of my plate so I would just make a slightly larger plate for myself and just give her food off of my plate. Good luck!

Answer by rachael w
My baby is just two week younger than yours so I am in the same situation with weaning. Here is my idea. Does your baby take bottles? If so, there is a formula made by enfamil I do believe that is meant for older babies (10 months – 3 years or something). Why don’t you try mixing breastmilk with formula taking away more and more breastmilk until your baby is only on formula. This way you can stop nursing but your baby is still getting the proper nutrients. Second, on the night feedings, I know a lot of breastfeeding moms still nurse there babies at night but since you want to wean, you should cut that out. Let her cry it out if she won’t go back to sleep on her own, it will probably only take a few days for her to get the idea. Have you tried giving her those gerber puffs? They disolve so she won’t choke. I never did use store bought baby food. I bought fruits and veggies and made my own. Maybe you could try that. There are some great recipes online that are really easy to make. Will your baby take cereal? You could try putting fruit in it to get it some extra nutrition. As long as the pieces of food your baby is getting are smaller than say your pointer fingernail, she won’t choke.
Good luck!

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