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Posted in Toddlers on 11th November 2010

question of geri : Question about toddler “Stimming” ?
Hi alleIch a little boy just turned 2 in October, the issue of behavior that have found after research, I say “Stimming” is. I saw it online, because the beginning I was a bit Sorgen.Grundsätzlich, he spends much time these eye-rolling thing, up and down our hall look to go out on the walls in a kind of sidelong glance. He also spends an unusual amount of time filling and emptying of kits he has – I’ve got this repetitive behaviors as self-stimulatory behavior known gefunden.Ich am a full-time mother, very practical and hours with him, encouraging interactive play with me – books read (he is a bit behind with his speech), doing puzzles, drawing, etc., and he is seldom left to sit and play on your own during the day, but when I go to the bathroom when we have visitors or go to to get the kitchen finished his lunch, he will begin this behavior and act like he does not want to be unterbrochen.Ansonsten he is very sociable, affectionate, and is making good progress with its Worten.Natürlich when I searched online this behavior, “autism” came in a lot of results – he is obviously not to the extreme of autism, but should I be worried? I mean, he will grow out of this, or should I look for an expert opinion of Dr. Best Answer:

reply peppermintpatty When I
coming …. the first thing that hit me saw autism. I left the field last year after 20 years. He may have what Asperberger syndrome, the high end is called autism. It can in most states of mental health for free or u can be tested to the Autism Society (chapters in ur area) to contact. It is best, this too early, that if it is, he (and family) will receive the services that he needs early rule. Autism is a complex condition to know if u do not know that address positive ways to redirect inappropriate behavior. Contact me by e-mail if u more info or just need someone to listen.

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