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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of throughthebackyards : question for women: to be or not to be “Suzy home maker” … ???
I have recently finished work and am nearing the end of my pregnancy. Married just over year and have never been a “stay at home wife / mother”, although it is only temporary, until I start back to work after the baby has been here. My husband and I have not been about me talking to a “Suzy homemaker” or more “typical women remain at home,” just because I’m not working now, but I feel like I should be so, or that he can really will, although he did not expect it … and I’m not sure if I’m looking up for him at the same time it is not, as I have no time to get the other things that I’m in the middle … I’ll talk to him about it again I just wanted to see what other women had to say about their own experiences. Every women like this? I am pleased with a “Suzy homemaker” during the temporary time that I speak out of work. I am not asking whether I should or should not decide to stay home and not work for the rest of my life, just ask the next few months Best Answer.

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As at home mother and wife is a big responsibility. I think that I would go stir crazy. If he says it is okay for you to go back to work, go ahead and go. You can still have a wonderful wife and mother with a full-time job. Women do it every day. I wish you good luck!

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