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Posted in Babysitting on 21st January 2011

Question about starting to sit?
My baby is 10 weeks old, and she supports her head really well at this point. She likes to “sit” on our laps and face outwards. Right now it seems like it is the only position she wants to be in. She gets fussy if we lay her down or set her on her tummy. Should I start with pillows to get her to sit on her own? Can I start her with the bumbo chair? I asked her doctor and he wouldn’t say because he didn’t know what it was.

is there a certain way I go about having my baby sit?

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Answer by eb834
My vote would be “she’ll sit when she’s ready” and I’d keep up the tummy time, even if it’s just for a minute or so.

Answer by jesusluvs
Put her in a swing its a good sensory experience for her. what did the doc say about her crying when she is on her belly and back. Is she in pain? You could put a toy thing that goes above her so she can play on her back. Mirrors are good too.

Answer by Mason Tyler born 9/9/09!!!
Your doctor doesn’t know what a bumbo chair is? lol.. he must be really old or really old school!

My son has always had excellent head control as well and he started sitting in his bumbo seat at 8 weeks old.. He also hates to be laying down. I sit him up on the couch and he can stay sitting up.. I don’t even use pillows anymore, I just set him on the couch where the cushions meet and kind of wedge him in that way. He loves to sit up straight!

Answer by mrs c
My baby is the same hes 5 months old now hes not sitting unsupported and i was covinced he would be by now as he is solid! he loves it in his bouncer chair does she have one of those?! i wouldnt start her with a bumbo just yet incase she does drop her head forward or back it could be dangerous. when im sat on my sofa i prop him up with cushions next to me but as you know dont leave her unattended.

Answer by lime.
She sounds like she is doing very well!
I would say that it is ok to make a pillow nest – if you put a nice blanket down, then make a circle or at the very least semi-circle with pillows (making sure they are high up too in case she rolls) then it will encourage her to try to sit but also have the security of soft pillows.
Keep her sitting up when you can, support her back and try to help sitting up when being bathed etc.
Bumbo chairs can be a little awkward if used too early, there are thoughts about back problems in older children however most are unofficial so i wouldnt worry too much, think about it yourself and see how your daughter is but i would hold off for maybe just a little while longer – perhaps only a few weeks, 10 weeks is still quite young.

Best of luck
lime x

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