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Posted in Toddlers on 29th December 2010

Question about Gerber food?
I have a 13 month old and I was just curious if any moms feed their baby “toddler” stage gerber food since theres no in between from crawler to toddler? My daughter does eat a lot of out food and I was thinking of putting her on that toddler stage, How does your baby handle it? Do they like it at all? I would figure my daughter would like it since its more like “our food” Thanks everyone 🙂
our food*

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Answer by Danielle
my son is a year old and we feed him some of the toddler foods. We break them up some of the items since he can’t bite off any (he only has 2.5 teeth!) yet, or has a hard time doing it!
As long as you’re watching, it should be fine!

Answer by fana2311
my baby was eating toddler gerber food at 11 mos old, she was ready. at 13 months i would give her like the gerber graduates mini meal or pasta pickups she loves them. I would also feed her what i eat just mushed up so she can chew. My daughter is 17 months old now and i still feed her gerber baby food stage 2, the fruit. she loves it with her oatmeal. if your baby is ready to chew, the gerber graduates foods are great because the chunks of meat are super soft.

Answer by Olivia is one year old!!
My daughter just turned a year old and has never had “Gerber food” (mmmmm, yummy! LOL) aside from a few jars of fruit and veggies when she was 7 months old. Since she was 8 months she has been eating what the rest of the family eats. Gerber food is overprocessed, overpriced, and unnecessary for a baby that is fully capable of eating “real food”. I avoid Gerber garbage such as “Graduates” and other fast food babyfood like the plague.

Answer by eml
I gave my son the toddler food at that age. Some of it had to be cut up a little more, but he loved it. I use them when we’re out and about visiting people and they’re really convenient for that.

Yes, yes – mom police – we all know that Gerber food is not necessary and probably is a little more expensive, but every once in awhile it’s quick and convenient and makes life a little easier when running around or in a time crunch, esp when you’re not going to be eating dinner at your toddler’s dinner time and you are at somebody else’s house.

Answer by Sassifrass13
At 13 months, your daughter does not need special gerber food and it’s a waste of money imo. In regards to the gerber snacks I buy from time to time, I go based on what I feel my son is capable of eating safely. I think about how well he chews, the size of the snack item and the texture of the item. You know your child best and only you will know if your child can safely eat those foods.

Answer by Pippin
There is no need to be offering Gerber food to a toddler. If she can eat your food, let her eat your food. It tastes better and you’ll save a ton of money.

Answer by Meems
My son hated these and after I took a bite I could see why, they are gross! At 13 months you should be able to feed your child most anything (soft or cut up) that the rest of the family is eating. You are right in thinking your toddler will want to eat what you are eating, just go with it- it is much easier than you may think.

Answer by jlb
Processed foods like that contain a lot of extra sodium and preservatives. Why don’t you just feed her your meals? They will be healthier and cheaper.

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