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Posted in Child Support on 3rd December 2011

Question about custody and child support.?
My wife and I separated nearly a year ago. I was primary caretaker of the child. She did not pay any child support but did spend his child tax benefits on who knows what.

So we came down to a verbal agreement of shared physical and legal custody. Physical custody would be 4 days with her and 3 days with me.

Now in this case, since I make more money than she does, I am obligated to pay child support but not as much as I would be paying if she had full custody. But CS is not an issue for me. It is issue for her.

She found out that if circumstances change, is she happens to make more money than I do, then she has to pay me some CS.

Now she wants to fight for full custody because of child support only. I would be paying $ 250 if she had full custody, and I would be paying $ 150 if it was shared.

Because of those extra $ 100 per months, she wants to fight. Fine.

I know there are many women out there who ask and get full custody ONLY because of child support, but I was told by a lawyer that our court got a note from some superior court “to watch for that”.

So in our case, the best interest of the child is shared custody 3&4 days but because of CS.

My question would be, if I had her recorded (which is legal here to record) saying “She doesn’t agree to shared custody because of child support” could I use that in court as evidence?

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Answer by ranger_co_1_75
If your attorney lays the proper foundation for introducing recorded testimony, then it can be introduced.

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