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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question by Carolyn : Why do people think about America are in a recession ?
I work as a tour guide in a museum, and sometimes I am to “baby-sit” forced into a play area for children nine and under and parents notified. You know mothers should be ashamed, I myself am 27 and am really, it’s how you act upper class yuppie mothers verlegen.1) I saw so many mothers come in double stroller, demanding they could get them on the playground. I had to say at least 20 pieces to females their prams in the park behind them “stroller parking” called! Apparently you’ve never learned enough gold digger, how to read anything besides your marriage contracts, $ 1,000,000, because the signs are so obvious. So many parents, they demanded should be able to bring their strollers in the area. I had explained it was a fire Hazzard. She did not understand. I even told one woman: “Either you park your stroller or park your face from me.” She seemed beleidigt.2) Why do you spoil Moms get their children into oblivion? Seriously, I saw a parent their child all the books off the shelves in the reading corner allow to throw. Then looked at me like I should put the books back! Uh, no. Its your child. They do. I told the woman: “Either put the books back, or I’ll call security.” She told me, and my boss talked to me, but understood it was not my fault. You double-stroller pushing mothers who do not work, because to do your rich husbands think that you are inclined, your spoiled brats stressed to museums on your lunch break, can act only as you and be rude because you feel entitled to mehr.3) Why do you let your children are crying all the damn time? Seriously! Its annoying. Hire a babysitter ******* and stop bringing your children everywhere you go. Just to show in general. You will enjoy a purchase, feel free slave to your child, and we need her in the museum beschäftigen.4) FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST Why are you so rude? When we say as a tour guide, you reassure your kids to throw balls or running, try to roll your eyes and act like its our fault. YOUR parents! Do your job and stop to jammern.5) I hate it when I hear that the economy is bad. When I see all these rich white women come up with thousand-dollar handbags, Gucci outfits and money to spend on a $ 100 lunch, come! What recession? I do not see it. And then they look at me because I’m a tour guide. Please explain, I asked for answers, not a set of jokes! I am a white woman, but I’m pissed off at these rude rich women! COME ON correctly answer! Damn! Explain how we are in a recession and all the parents that I have come into contact with wealthy, upper-class snobs who have tons of money? I’m verwirrt.STOP Telling Me “If I were your boss, I would have dismissed you.” News flash you’re not my boss, and I live in a non-fire-free state have, they have a lot to get my file over for me Best Answer.

response of Hero of Bosnia
Typisch.Die only person that is your situation man.Sie Obvisouly dont like working with people and not a good person, nor even in this situation. You feel like a victim because people have nice things and eat expensive food and you dont get to? either grow some ambition or Mary a rich man

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