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Posted in Child Care on 19th November 2010

question of monkeykitty83 : Why boycott Wendy, if you do not oppose adoption of foster care’s
A while ago a question was asked about Wendy’s restaurant chain, and some people said they boycotted because the Dave Thomas Foundation promotes adoption. I found that confusing, because the Foundation apparently only supports foster care adoption, and some of the people, they also often recommend boycott people to adopt from foster care, as saying. “The children need at home” The first three things on see the Foundation’s website:.. “Finding Forever Families for Children in Foster Care” “If not now, when waiting for children with your help we can find a family for every child in care” “Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 public charity dedicated to dramatically increasing adoptions of the more than 150,000 children waiting in foster care systems in North America. “So … what gives with the boycott? The organization is pretty clear on their goals – and I literally quoted the first things on their site – and most people here do not oppose allegedly foster care adoption. In fact, we (me included) recommend foster care adoption throughout the Zeit.So … Why are some people on this site to boycott a foundation that agrees with you? Can anyone explain the logic? Red Elephants, it was a while ago, so I’m not surprised it’s not fresh in the memory. I’m not sure exactly when she was asked, but I think it was sometime in the fall – maybe in October or November? I have no idea why it suddenly in my mind apart from the fact I tend to have strange thoughts when cooking … Best Answer:

reply Ruebedo
Like most things political these days, people do not bring much, if any, thought into something in those days.

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