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Posted in Babysitting on 15th November 2010

question by Courtney Cola : What is the best way to train a puppy if the people with whom you live are working against you ?
I have a 10 week old lab puppy and I am his training right now. he knows is how to sit, get in the truck, “come, remain outside, etc., he is really smart, but I’m still stuck on the basics as he has accidents inside. well it works very well with the way I am with him I turn EXCEPT a sociopath younger sister, their way is the only way I believe. it has a 2-year-old rottwiler mix, a very intelligent dog, but a bad dog (he does not relate to listen to something) and she thinks I have to train it that way. I do not eat is my puppy food (it gives him diareah) and when I’m not there to give it to him and I will feel that confused him. and after I took him out he did poop in the house so I put his nose in it and put it back outside but they thought I was “mean to him,” and she babies him and picks him up. How can I help, not to confuse the puppy, if, if I do something it has to go and do the opposite of him to tun.gut he is always with me, I take it everywhere I go, but it is frustrating when I say go to the bathroom, and I let him in the room and I come out a few remaining embedded in the ground for him not to do essen.Ich literally his nose into his tent. and yes, the method seems to work. sometimes he has trouble outside, the concentration around other dogs and I got him some cottage smell outside and immediately he snoops around and goes outside … so yes … it works. and no I’m not going to hurt him Best Answer:

response from JR
Roll up a magazine it with rubber bands and met those that get in your way.

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