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Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question from Aaron : they SMS is another guy, A LOT ?
my friend has on short notice this guy we met through a mutual friend a few months back started. I’ve only met him once and he seems like a decent guy, he is single and has a 7-month-old baby. I have no problem with it with male friends, but 10 to 15 texts everyday, and not that they really close or anything, she does her sister text, the lot! It’s just doesn’t seem normal to me. Yes, I am jealous but atleast I am indeed not care resources about them! She says I have nothing to fear and she has to hide anything from me, but if they text message or chat to him on Facebook, they tried their best to hide it from me to me as well as fraud. We live together and she has a 6yr old daughter who I love, as if my own. She was born deaf and blind and my friends ex she didn’t want to look there, but because I am the complete opposite, they trust to look after me, they can also overnight, and they usually do, with their own family! This means that they are now free to take a break from her little girl and go to her best friends house, which she does almost every night. i dont have a problem with it because they are happy, its just sat here during the “Babysitter” (that’s fine with me, I love her daughter) she can be with their friends house smoking drugs and SMS other guys. Am I used? I trust her 100% and know that they would type the type of person who cheat on me physically with anyone. and what does this guy think, “she said texts me back all the time, she is interested in me?”. Its obvious he loves her, but I’m sure a lot of guys, she’s really pretty. He wants to write poems about his daughter, so my friend asked him to write to say a poem for them what he thought of her, I saw it and said he loves her and he thinks she’s great and I am happy to have her (which I am) but still she tells me that he does fancy her. I do not know how they are approached on the subject because i dont upset her or make her want freedom, because they didn’t have any in their previous relationship. its been weeks and now its down to me really. Advice please Best Answer:

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oh man it with u! u love her cuz she’s pretty! dont be, a shallow person! for a very nice guy, I mean. and I think u deserve a beautiful woman with a pretty heart too.not only they cheater.maybe doesn’t cheat, but they will surely confront changes.im that.u her.dont should let them use uu r very nice and decent.i really admire, because uu love their child like ur own.so dont ruin ur life please

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