HomeChild CareQ & A: shud leave a mother to her child 2 b 2 excused his Fathr if they “take care of the situation” or “uninterested” isn’t?
Posted in Child Care on 30th October 2010

question of fish Unicorn : a mother shud b 2 excused to leave her child 2’s Fathr if they “take care of the situation” or “uninterested” isn’t?
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090520132234AAOL2Es&r=wUm Emily’s response when a mother simply uninterested in the care of the child, or if they are bored at home, or if it isn’t ‘good in child care ” they should expect that the provider could be the man to stay home and Capricorn: Yes. His stragne as his “disinterested” is a completely kept in good excuse for men to walk from home, whereas when a woman says yes, she is a “radical feminist” or is “obsessed with career or etc etcTashaUnd who said exactly I am disturbed at your house? I have questions about stereotpying of the sexes, not you personally. My point was, if people can for the child, the women coz he “simply not good” is the same thing for a woman to say, ok to leave? RawrJa, Emily said she. I was asked in general – if that excuse is good for men, it is good for women too Rachel: No! I have questions relating to gender stereotypes since the last 1 hour, this is one of the series. I want the people do not expect women to stay home just because they are women or men, women just because they arent arbeiten.EoghanThats not the point. Fathers, “a bored or uninterested,” are at home, the kids, if they want. My question is whether the same argument for a woman arbeitet.TashaWill u please understand that I havent posted this question specifically for you and your husband? Secondly, isn’t the point if I decide for any woman. I am about what the company calls for positive talk and what it does. These are the facts, a woman is expected that interest in children and thus the responsibility on them, while men have Arent, and she excused from it because it is “simply not good at it”, or smthing. That was the Punkt.Btw why exactly are u trying to insult me so hard? I havent said anything personal to you and to speak politely to know u.afabmom: To your last line, many of them do this, my dear. Many of them exactly tun.Emily: I understand that ur mother is a great man and ur a great father. My question wasn’t a finger on the spot and I am just remembered that this is a generalization of most people about fathers and mothers, that’s the only reason why I have this geschrieben.TashaLook. You say its nobody’s business to dictate what should a woman do. Noticed that just this in saying TOO? I’m posting questions to stereotypes. I found one aspect where men are in “Being uninterestd in child care” stereo TypeD and thus they are usually seen as a person working out of the house. I say choose the society, which should shouldn’t do men. Try again to read the question Best Answer.

response of Capricorn
A lot of people an excuse for men, which is, in essence, clumsy, idiotic behavior. As in the child that you helped interested in the world is just sad. Sure, some parents make better “kids” stuff, but to be totally forgotten, only makes you a loser who happens to live with the child.

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