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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

request of Pro-Life Crusader : If all you Pro-Choice “It is not even a baby yet so I do not care” if you wanted the child but failed
Or would you really feel something for the child? When I see people who want to keep abortion crying legal in the eyes of a miscarriage, I think to myself, “and you want to stay there for the people to do this, their children through the choice … why legal “Olivia: Thank you for honest, but that is the exact kind of thing I do not understand. What has the child you aborted no less a child then those who have a miscarriage What makes it a baby carring worth about when you do it and a worthles cell clusters do if you do not Shoty?? Bad comparrison, my right to go Colledge and compared to my right and the right to vote on abortion. The two want to hurt anyone or even really given effect is a different life, abortion Best Answer.

Reply by Oliver J
I am a mother of three children, two miscarriages and an abortion had hat.Als I had the miscarriage, I felt sad for the potential of a child; and not for the clumps of cells that did not make it. If I had an abortion, I knew I was the right choice and was not very sad for the unwanted Zellhaufen.Edit: I do not know think of them as a “child”. None of them was such that no more or less a child than a anderes.Edit Again, I do not think you read what I say right. It is not the cell I care. – There is the potential

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