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Posted in Babysitting on 18th November 2010

question of Tink : Not very happy with my husband. How would you treat?
Our toddler was climbing to the top of the couch and jumping. I say “No, sofas to sit on.” Climb up again and shakes his head and smiling man, what to do in order to keep it. He then says: “You can not climb well with socks to” put my toddler on the back of the couch takes off socks and walks away, can you guess what happens next? Yes, the baby falls off the back of the couch. I say. “You’re not a very good father that was a bad choice.” He then lies and tells me he does not put baby on the back of the couch, it was the arm and then the baby got up and fell off. I was there and saw the entire back of the couch thing. My answer is irritating him, and he takes a shower and let me keep an unhappy child for the next two hours. This was my choice, because our baby war.Dinge upset by this whole thing like this happen a lot. I give the children simple rules, and he laughs with the kids with me when my back is turned against the rules and lets them have gehen.Ich with his patterns were upset lately, as always so many cards, it becomes a suspension have. He thinks I’m wrong, tell him driving is a privilege and maps are unsafe drivers off the road. He believes the rules are not for him zutreffen.Ist this the beginning of the end for my relationship with him Best Answer:

reply serpentinewisdom
communicate with him. Express your concerns. I was not prepared to make final, when I wäre.http: / / www.serpentinewisdom.com

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