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Posted in Working Mothers on 24th November 2010

question McLovin (: : My mother ‘mother’ me …?
I’m 16 .. today at practice, I have tried to hurt me (my mother is not my only problem .. I have other problems) and I do not have a best friend or sister who I can trust to talk to … I feel like I’m always sad and I do not know what to do … move with my father? or can someone tell me that I was just a baby and has to suck up everything … it has not taken me to the dentist in 10 years (she has a huge hole in her teeth and takes it ALLLL the time and it drives me crazy), they has never gone bra shopping with me, so I stuck with 2 sports bras (and I’m a size 34 C, the ridiculous, which is in a sports bra every day), she is on her computer for at least 6 hours per day only play on facebook, they text all the time, we moved into our new house 4 months and they’ve unpacked your little box, it is the dirtiest person in the world and works only part time so they spend more time with “I” in which nature is turning on the computer spend spent anyway … I have the opportunity to move with my father, but I’m soo how frustrated now … My question is that I try to change something? or just suck on it …? Best answer:

response from Maria
So – what’s your question? Is it that you move with your dad? I would do it now, before the new school year, but only that you know whether it would be an improvement.

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