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Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd November 2010

question by Diana V : My “unofficial” residential street parking was injured. What can I do?
First, I want to tell you all that I live in San Diego County, because I know local laws vary. Secondly, my parents bought this house for over a year and a half ago and since the day we moved into our next door neighbor does not like us to. We are not sure why … all other neighbors seem to be OK with us, but they are never a “good morning”, a hello, a wave, or even a smile. Third, we fit four cars but only 3 in the driveway and as I the smallest (VW New Beetle), it fits perfectly in the little bit of sidewalk that separates our driveway from our anti-social neighbors driveway. I’m in the same place for one year and seven months now Parkplätze.Unser neighboring particularly like us, because two months ago on a Saturday, we had a family birthday party for my parents, whose birthdays are both in April, and my cousin (who is a professional DJ) played music in the backyard. 07.30 clock came against our neighbors on adult son and said (not asked) that we turn off the music because his mother is a government official and she needs to sleep because she wakes up at 4:30 in the morning WAR. “So he leaves and we turn down our music. About half an hour later, we hear three loud bangs coming from their backyard, and both my friend and my uncle Marine (formerly in the army) said it sounded like gunshots. And the woman came over to tell me she’ll call the police if we do not turn off the music (remember, it was still only about 8:00 clock on Saturday night) and I told her that she was more than welcome to call her because I wanted to talk to them about the shots that I heard in her backyard. She was angry and beat our door and sure enough, half an hour later pointed to a sheriff. He told us that he was completely on our side, the music was really not that loud. Since then, the woman we really gehasst.Also that night I came home after a long and tiring 12-hour shift at the hospital where I work (I’m a student nurse) to an outdoor basketball hoop are planted in my parking space . I’m really angry because they could easily put them on the sidewalk on the other side of the driveway. It is not actually on the sidewalk, it is on the asphalt, the street that is not technically their property, right? If so, this means that they leave something on the road that I am the way, so I should be allowed to move it … right? It makes sense, but I do not know whether to see the city of SD is that either way, when they see it, like me something that belongs to them to touch without permission. But then again, why they leave their property in the public road in the first place? This is not so much about the actual parking spot rather than a matter of principle. This woman and her teenage boys have seen me park in this place every day since the day that we in this house gezogen.Also, what do you think guys? Should I just push the thing out of the way and take back my place (which I really want to do), or should I let her have her way? And if I move it, the law would be on my side Best Answer:

answer your jelly baby
I say you can not move it …. Go to city hall and ask if anyone can be anything done or not. If they say no, at least now she can not scream at you to move her things. If they say yes, what I believe to be the case, you can use the police (or fire department, even) and ask them to help you in because you do not Probleme.Nicht deal directly with the lady. It will only make angry sie.Viel luck!

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