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Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question by jay b : my baby mama wants me to pay for babysitting ,…?
I’m not beign represented by my lawyer, so I do not askhim, this question, but my girlfriend is that I have your interest in “baby-sitting” her mother, who happen to have a partial proxy for our child to pay, when me and my lawyer previously discussed this some time ago, he laughed their demand for compensation, noting that I am not a dead beat father means to be, I pay my child support, their mobile phone and take them shopping whenever I can . but to be with her mother, where she lives, and their old mother with 2 young children of their own and 2 grandchildren and 1 to 3 years, that they are regularly monitored and does not charge for day care, … 1 her mother is not a licensed day care provider, 2 they observed regularly to other grandchildren without regard to “day care expenses,” what my child is doing differently from their other grandchildren? 3 Partal mother has a power of attorney granted her a partial form of custody, for health insurance, what should I do Best Answer:

reply mommeof3
If you support your child, it would pay pay mothers the responsibility for child care they require. Your child support order with the expenses of raising the child and they can give the money to get her to help pay her mother joined.

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