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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of Woodland Hiker : My almost 7 mos Baby sitting is not really or crawl. Anyone else have similar stories?
My baby is almost 7 months. He rolled a few times as a newborn, but seems to have lost the ability. I actually think that rolling over was not his intention, but rather by chance. He is also, but only because I support him w / cushions. If I remove the cushion, it will eventually fall back. He can sit for some time, perhaps as long as 5 or 10 minutes before falling over. Of course I am working on sitting him back up & I’m working on it hopefully encourage rolling him to do it at one of Tages.BTW, if a parent says, “My child is sitting,” is the child on the floor from a lying position be and are in a sitting position, or does it mean that the parents of the baby sets in the sitting and the baby stays there in a sitting position? Did parents w / babies late in these milestones, which finally turned out ok ? My 1st Child had developmental delays and various development issues is doing today, and of course I am concerned that we go back the same way Best Answer.

answer by Ethel
sitting means sitting with pillows or props without outside help, can put in the position and need not be in the position on his own to bekommen.Meine sons, now 4 & 5, was sitting at ~ 6 months without outside help, but not crawl and / or scoot (a sliding), until exactly 8 months. The oldest could an army crawl around 6-7 months to do, but that’s not a real creep (where the floor and shoulders off the floor are), my middle son could then move than to sort them by sitting. Right now they are just fine. My niece came scoot only 11 months, not to ~ 9 months, and now that is sitting 17 months fine walk unaided and no developmental delays other then the motion, but it seems some connective tissue haben.Er questions is fairly close to the age, that to see the doctors, how, and I know with my sons, they just wanted to be held all the time, she works hard not meant to their moving abilities – only work with getting him to sit an opportunity as much as you can .

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