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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

question of cute, but crazy : Mothers ‘friend’ will not leave her home after her death ?
My mothers ‘friend’ is a real piece of work, they were together on and off about 27 years. submitted it to 3 months and now he refuses to leave their homes. He is a seducer, a drunk, a cheat and why they put up with him … I will never understand, she left a will … I got everything in it. He is not to pay rent … has never paid rent … she was never married, and since her death, his children are always there, as were some sort of ceremony’s … I want him out .. I DO NOT him 30 to 60 days’ notice, he knows he does not belong there refused to leave, however, because he is a free download piece of junk. We live in Kentucky any ideas guys? Sorry for the mini-rant “but I’m also angry with, to witness this daily (I live next door). I feel like the enemy in my own place and I am sick and tired. Pls give me legal advice if you can and persönliche.Leider again =) And thanks in advance for any replies Best Answer.

response from Liz
If you live next door, it’s easy. Make sure that if he goes, then all the locks have changed. When he comes back, have his bags packed and ready for him on the front step.

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