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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of candyland300 😕 Mother “or” not-You Tell Me
Have you ever had a mother and her clothes were “new” and their children look like “what the hell,” as they buy their clothes, broke from a business or goodwill. I know a girl who will spend 100’s comes on the clothes at the mall or flea market, but when it comes to their children, they get the bottom of the barrel. They get food stamps, abuse of the system have better houses and cars, as workers! I’m sick to my part of my tax dollars are good for nothing bums who plan never to get a job. And if you think its almost finished MORE KIDZ KEEP SUCKING pump money out of working Americans! Am I the only one sick of this say —- What do you and ………… I think it should be clear for Senor and and those who lost their jobs, so they back on its feet . get Best Answer:

reply ghetto_princess283 Yes
people play the system must be arrested. My mother can not work, it is disabled. We barley have enough money to live by the state. My aunt gave her a lot of money so I can have nice clothes. Some people here accually need the money. Just keep that in mind.

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