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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of dmg : “Make sure, in a power struggle with your child” is great advice, but what if you are in a ?
My 18 month old has recently completed the habit of dragging me places developed when he wants me to do something. At first I did not mind – I’m happy to play, what to play it, get a snack or whatever it wants. The problem is that for the past day or so he dragged me all the time. As in, even when I’m in his game room, sitting on a stool, he is tugging at me and whine because he wants me to sit on the chair over there, or on the floor. If I meet, he is tugging at me to get back to the chair, or stop somewhere anders.Offensichtlich must, at least, because it is totally annoying. But do I’m not sure how to express my child that Mom just be happy they do not play, * is * when moved. I tried him the words to express what he wants (“Come!”), But he does not seem inclined to use them. I tried to walk out of the room felt as he cast a giant vortex, but that was more for my own reason than because I would really help to understand him. We went for coffee in the morning and we visit a friend this afternoon, but it is not snowing, we can go to the playground. It is a challenge because I really get nothing done about it, where he was me go, from time to time will, but it can not all day long, without Grund.Meistens what I’ve done is move simply because if he tugs me and screaming and trying him in another activity of interest, where I sit. Which is pretty much a textbook case of a “power struggle” and does not appear at all. Who else have any ideas? (Suggestions, I will “swat him on the butt” or something ignored, so do not bother, sorry.) Best Answer:

reply Lesha
him not saying do not pull on mom to give him a warning, if he ceases to ignore him and walk away. When he finally stops, it stops and screaming back to him to play. when it starts to do it again repeat until he realizes he can not eventually do it if you give in to him, it only shows its order to do because he knows exactly how to do Mama, things. It will only happen, you have to be patient I know how annoying it is with a 2-year-old. Good luck

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