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Posted in Child Care on 22nd November 2010

question of Forgotten : “Live and let live …” do u agree?
i dont … because it translates to “do everything you want to do, let it be good or bad, i dont care.” u see someone disrespect an elder or someone bullying a child … u would do so only on foot, as if it wasn’t happening … u would think only that “it is not my job to stop this’ … Why should I not care if the other person does something immoral, how can he be a bad influence on innocent souls? the minimum I can do is ask him to stop. who knows, the next day, it’s my child / bro / sis to do the same? u still is the fault of society for the change in the behavior of ur lover? wouldnt u rather the feeling of guilt because u urself nothing What are your opinions on Blue, Xull?? the point I make is, that people leave these things happen because they do not affect “her” life, but somebody else’s life, so that currently they feel responsible enough to einzumischen.Xull: Observe course, if u in a country where Islamic rules and regulations, then these acts are punishable in fact live Best Answer:

reply from Mohammed [@ hm @ d for BA !!]
No, it’s not OK to live and lassen.Die is a common thought, especially because of the Western influence “not interfere in affairs of others” and most Muslims have to act it began. But Islam teaches us “to enjoin good and forbid evil”, this is the quality of a Muslim that Allah has said in the Koran and as per a hadith of Prophet saw, “if you see something bad to stop with your hand, if You can not say that with the tongue, if you do not own, then at least hate in your heart, and that is the lowest level of Iman. “

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