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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of sweet_cowgirl_forever@yahoo.com : Leopard Gecko, Why is he still knows ?
ok … I’m not sure what is wrong but here geht.Mein Leo turned white, so I “thought I, he would be shed, he has a humid hide box and stuff the detachment should be fine. But he’s still white how long does it take for them to shed Anyway, this is a long story, but this could be the problem: I let my cousin “baby sit” him for me and he had him all summer, he fed him Mealies BUT, after he went out, he has not let starve to purchase my geckos! fed him bread .. I know what you think, what an idiot, right! He had anoles for pets, so I thought he could care for my gecko, and he could not so I took my gecko home and have been feeding him crickets, since my Gecko was not always the proper care it might have to be white to do with malnutrition? hmmm .. what could … . (“he is also now maintained but) help Thanks Best Answer:

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no, but sometimes it takes a long time to shed, but watch him

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