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Posted in Toddlers on 22nd November 2010

question of unusual : Kettler tricycles (Air Navigator, etc.), they are worth the $ $ ? Also for …?
… Children learn to walk – Baby’s First Car I want to buy a tricycle for 10-month-old DS. Would be a good model that carried him not only liked but hopefully future siblings will also last. I was interested in the Kettler Kettrike tricycles as possible, the Air Navigator is a work in tandem as an optional accessory. (Think it take so fun for children to be able simultaneously to the trike!) I know that Kettler has a reputation for quality construction, and the Air Navigator does look great online. On the other side (I do not have a local store in Long Iceland, which it carries for me to check it out in person. Found), at a price of $ 199, I can probably buy 4 more tricycles … Does anyone have personal experience with the Kettler line? Also, Kettler a walker / ride-on car called “Baby First Car Foot-to-Floor Ride for Toddlers,” which looks like it might be a good Christmas present for our 10-month-old, who learn to foot. Any input on this would also be great Thanks Best Answer:

response from Smitty Jones
I’d suggest a look on Amazon, because they have many different trikes, and users post their feedback on the ones they bought. From what I’ve seen pretty good reviews, the Kettler get

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