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Posted in Working Mothers on 4th November 2010

question of flyingbee13 : Is Pink Floyd song “Mother” of the U.S. ?
I’m just curious, cuz they say, “Mother should I trust the government” and “Mother should I be a candidate for president” Cuz Pink Floyd is from England …. You might think it would be “Mother should I trust the Parliament” lol and “Mother should I run for prime minister” just curious what you think. And I pretty sure “Run for prime minister”‘m not working anyway cuz they are not ordered and are not directly elected? sry I do not know anything about it, like Britain, the things … but still. Is the song of the U.S. Yes, I saw the wall …. I should be easily understandable been high, have a sense for this film. That still doesn’t ‘explain to me why would a British band say “government” and “President” … idk.Ich loved the wall, and I loved Tommy (The Who), but both would probably have been better if I in any kind of drug .. Best Answer:

reply by Duck Danger
No. Although the album is full of hidden meaning, this song is clearly about his over-protective and oppressive you Mutter.Sehen the film, and you get the message very deutlich.Guter point above the Prime Minister to the President vs. Maybe “president” fit the rhythm of the lyrics better than “prime”

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