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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of Nicole 🙂 : How ya’ll “toddler” Smoothies
leave my son lunch, so I’ve heard from many people make healthy smoothies toddler instead. I have the following ingredients for a variety of smoothies, but do not know how much of what to put BlattspinatSüßkartoffel (a small one a lil bigger than my fist) vanilla ice cream and Cherry Vanilla! (Cherry is mine, but ill share, lol:)) much fruit yogurt: strawberry banana, pear, blueberry, peach, mixed berry, etc.Bananenganze% milk pea carrots (diced and whole-sticks I feed my rabbits em, but they are still good) Thank you Answer best:

reply ~ ~ Jessica
Come to my daughters I would mix a smoothie (such as a banana smoothie) yogurt and milk with the banana. Mix about (if the serving size is 1 cup) 03.02 cup yogurt and 1 / 3 cup milk (for thickness) and then add the banana is about 1 / 3 cup or less. This will shake it like a thick and seem the healthiest solution. Mixing the yogurt and milk would be similar Danimals and my kids love it. =) Good luck! =) Good idea!

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