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Posted in Working Mothers on 7th November 2010

question of Helloooo Nurse : I’m overprotective stage parents, but it is ok to treat me this way because they “love me so much” ?
Before you speak and judge, yes … I should take off – easier said than done, but I’m working on it. I will soon be 24 and even now I still have the respect and the rights of a 15 y / o. My parents are old fashioned, over-anxious and Asian – that is their mentality is black and white and there’s really no point to it in any other to see other ways than their bc she always be right. No sense talking bc we all cry at the end of each other, and if we want “to talk rationally,” she comes again and again “in the right bc I am the parent, you are wrong bc you are the child. You know nothing. “I’ve always been a good boy – was never allowed to do social events at school … very protected. My way of learning and living life was having to … just lie to get out of the house and unfortunately, what I do today. I’m not going to be stupid and in the interest of her rebellious, but there were times, that was an option. I got into nursing school and I’m focused. My mother is a nurse and mother is a stage … I want mothers, but since I was in Gaul, she thinks she is in charge of my schedule – “quit working so you can focus on school … no more friends, until you graduate nursing w. I do not think you can. Her sister to the mall w. bc you have to study … you’re not allowed to walk on Halloween must bc studying to go. “It’s crazy! And bc of the fact that they experience a nurse, she is so much more “stage mother”. I know they are just that way so I will not fail, but I’ve become much older … also they were the ones that made me give up nursing bc (was the expected age of when I “should” graduate) told me last 22nd My mother also said, I can not “easily distracted i” on the breaks … bc I have always been happy when I was younger. Here’s the thing: I spend many hours almost every day, glued to my laptop and books do hw, reading … I need a break and back again, and if I have balance and the way that I can do it. My close friends are also nursing students (one graduate, the other 2 will graduate after 2 quarters), so that they understand and are busy as well. I’ll get home at 11 Fr. a bookstore and I’m coming home to my mother yelled at me, why I’m coming home “so late”. I think not, do this to her excited, I’m just at the moment, w. my group. One weekend I was catching up w. my friends and it was a nice, relaxing evening with her. I came home around 1 and my mother was furiated bc “things happen on Friday evening,” and you should come by11pm home. Right now, they “stop me” fr. to do something for Halloween … and trick or treating. I feel offended that they feel they need to tell me what I can not / do not … I tried nicely to tell her again and she is not going to school .. . but of course, they lead to nowhere … HELP … Best Answer:

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As a psychologist I can live with your disappointment and your fear (yes, you have fear), but you are so yourself in your parents’ house in a very old age to understand . No matter what race you are … there is no excuse for you to live at home, at the age of 24 and have your parents check with each movement. They live in America and have the choice to move out and get a job like any other, if nursing school is too much and caused so much friction between the parents and you and you inability to do absolutely nothing. Regardless of Asian background, your parents, they are quite “stage parents” sit down for failure. You have the choice whether you stay in “the fire” to make at home or on the road to make and find a friend to move and either continue with school at a pace you can handle and also a normal social life. No one on this site offer a “magic answer” because there are two ways … to stay or go. You are a mature adult, not yet in control of himself. You have to decide when you want to become. Trust me, I have lived in Asian cultures, and quite understand, but you live in America now. You need to learn more about themselves lieben.Peace, Love & Happiness

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