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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of Stella : I hate my “mother”. I do not feel good about myself.?
The following are likely to last long. In all honesty, I feel the need, some stuff from my shoulders to get. I have no one to talk. So I’ll just give you my feelings here and sit – especially for me. It will take time. I do not expect anyone to answer. Those who take the time to read this and help, I’ll be so happy – thank you so you in Voraus.Ich hate my mother. I am the only child old and I live with her.I am 20 years. My father lives in a foreign country and we do not communicate. She is always putting me under pressure me to study what she wants to study me, she never gives me no choice, and she is always so controlling of everything I’m tue.Ich not allowed to talk on the phone, I may not go with my friends, I can not go shopping with my friends, I can not go to my friends’ houses. The only time I can actually spend time with my friends outside of school for a birthday party – also that I have at home are 10.00 clock … and the birthday parties usually has at 8pm beginnen.Meine mother told me that I am useless, ugly, stupid and have nothing to do more good times – so many times that I believe her . It is true. I am useless, ugly, stupid and useless. I’ve never seen a guy who never held hands, kissed, etc, etc. Originally dated, it is because I am still not allowed Clock. But there are not even all the guys out there who are interested in me. No one has ever told me that they like me. So it’s true, I am useless, stupid, ugly, and good for nothing. No man wants to date one of these properties. I do not honestly think I will even marry. I feel like it’s not someone who would want me. I live on a low income, subsidized housing, single parent house-hold … None of these features are appealing. I not an option in each one. This is what I was born into. I do not think it be so. I want to get married and really start a family of my own because I know that I have a big heart and my family unconditionally know love. I want to have children, they have to shower with love and not treat them the way I was treated. I want them to have a father in their life because it sucks not having a male figure in your life. I am currently in a prestigious university, but ultimately I do not know what to do with my life. I’m studying something that my mother wants me to study. I can never come to her and say that I study something else because she beats me, it hits me, beats me want and use any hard object in your vicinity as a weapon against me, you made me locked outside the house a lot of time -. once because my Driver’s Ed class for the first time, another for a … hours go past my curfew Mind you, I have no car, and not my mother I have to sell to other people rely to my home I can only leave if someone else leaves – and I’m always ride with the first person which has decided to let her go. It is scheiße.Sie compares me to my cousins, all of which “are smart and beautiful.” She’s right. All my cousins are extremely intelligent. All with 90 + average, all the good have a social life, all of which are extremely good looking, and all who are in healthy relationships with significant others (in this case know, not my mother). It’s never quiet at my house. I have exams coming and I was all last night studying and went to bed really late at 2:30 clock. I woke up this morning at 9 clock. I went to my mother, who was in the kitchen to say good morning when they rejected me and started cursing at me . She started saying that this morning she was up by 7 clock preparing food and I had not woke up early enough to help her. I told her that I do not recognize that they are working and that they should wake me and she began to tell me that I do not have a child and should know better schreien.Sie began to cry and kept me violently Pushing Me Away. I do not think there ever was a day in my life where my mother did not see me crying at least once. It refers to me like a dog or a cow. Noting that I ever do enough to her. There’s always something with me stimmt.Ich am a big football fan and I was hoping I could Portugal to see the game, but after my mother whispered to me today .. I do not feel like I deserve observe it. So I am now in my room … schriftlich.Wie all whatsoever. My life. I deserve es.Danke to all who read this article and decided to give some answers Best Answer.

response from Christine You are
a 20-year-old woman. Off.

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