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Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd November 2010

question of mc : how to use my “mother” Deal ?
It is but they do not even realize that they lügt.Wie incredible! It is an extreme Person.Eines day, she looks so adorable, jokes about everything, hugs me oftDann Sun the next day, she pees over every little single thing . And in this very intense moody day, whatever the day, I ask permission to hang with my friends happened is, sie.Sie will say something like “I told you to do” this “and” that “why do not you what I say. you need will do all the fun stupid stuff you have to have distracted. Damn, what you focus on just about fun, fun and entertainment. Why are so lazy, you should be more helpful to me to work for your family, but you enjoy as a kid thinking only of himself, “I really wonder what” this “and” are that “. REALLY, since they never mentioned. I tell her frankly that she never mentioned, but she insists, guess what she says it, order it and I am a bad boy, who had not heard you and just do stupid Sache.Sie has never realized that they do not erwähnt.Und I think that this “unconscious” bedeutetso that they never know they just want liegtsie somehow I was able to school you say you do not like diesie will never believe me and will surely be angry with mefor do not insult your rich what I was gonna goEigentlich I do not think I will do everything to let this burden enough now I’m ready for their next liegt.T.TPS. I am from the eastern world as it is to be very important for parents and istdankbar never rudely to sprechen.Nun on them, many DankIch read the answers and I feel you have only one besserDu RechtIch Mutterund perhaps, what should I do is to think, to understand her side, her back more, THXIch love this site <3 Best Answer:

reply x_SnipeYoFace_x
sounds pretty crazy. Shes probably a lot of stress at work and it needs to blow off, unfortunately, unable to defend their faith in me and in me is have happened. not be that she unconsciously does so only that its in the heat of the moment when they try a case that they will not admit that it is wrong, or their whole argument is useless. Normally I would just say go away or nod and “ok” instead of a larger deal. sorry. Happiness.

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