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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of strawberry_koi : How to advertise babysitting services
I make a flyer for child care or “babysitter” more likely. I want to make sure that I can not solve, so foreign-sounding … Some details about me are: I’m verheiratetIch have a child of my own my prices are günstigIch I mention I’m 22Ich expierencedSollte none of these things? What would you put to read enough to trust someone with the care of your child? TK-Thanks, that was a bit daunting, but telling, too. lol .. Best Answer:

response of TK
I am a mother and low prices are great, but I would be scare … why are they so cheap? This background checks and what are your qualifications … CPR certified. I know that if a baby was chocking u would beat the crap out of the child when the food arrived (basically CPR) but it helps to have these qualifications. Their hours would be nice if you watch the children your child would be to be there, what do you do? You were a teacher, you work in a kindergarten or have seen other children do? if so I would like to see them as references. I think that’s experience. more info, the better bc there are so many creeps these days it is difficult to trust people with their children.

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