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Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of Meagan : How long does the “crying baby” phase last ?
My neighbors across the street from a small child who may from bloodthirsty cries at all hours of day and night, and it makes me crazy! I know no one hurt her (assuming it’s a she) because I’ve seen them do it if no one in their area. My mother said it’s just a phase and she will outgrow it. But seriously, when? I can even hear them screaming like, as they in the house. I was sick in bed all day today and all I could hear what I was, the boy screaming. How do people live with it? Should I just close my window and had only the explosion of the AC for the rest of the summer? And no, I have never seen children. This is one of the reasons why. Wailing babies make me mad! No, it is constant, or I would think that something was wrong with her. I think it’s just a phase. Hopefully, a short, lol.Hallo, Meagan. No, they are pasty white people like me. I honestly do not believe the child abuse or I would call the authorities. It’s more of an “I’m not getting my own way” scream, as I am hurt and need help “cry Best Answer.

reply sarakeely1976
Hmmm. I have a toddler who occasionally screams. I’m not sure how long it takes? We talk to our child that an inner voice … Did she scream nonstop? Or is it every once in a while throughout the day. You’ll get over it … hope you can too.

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