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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of Noodle : How do you tell a child you’re babysitting “No” when he asks for things ?
(Some of you may have read my earlier question abuot the child I sit, that acts like me here to serve him … that something’m over it!) In any case, ask the child to eat things for him have not been offered (All the time!) And is ridiculous reasons why he this article …. He also asked to make movies all the time he is needed here. He refuses, like a typical 10-year-old child play at all! Not outside, I can not innerhalb.Wie him ‘no’ to say about the food and film after film? I do not want him to hate here, but I’m at a loss as I phrase this … Thank you for any advice! : O) I think I shoul specify that he is not NO good to hear. He is “reasons” why he needed the things. I am a child of my own (2yrs old) that I was using at the same time so … Anyway, he is so set in his bratty species need deal … I’m just sick of it! I stopped watching it when it does not pay the best course I’m not eating in front of him! He eats full meals then sees me chips, cookies or something “good” have round, so he told me “I am a Popcicle must b / c my throat,” said (not really hurt) “I need a few chips make up to me after eating my lunch (eat, then more real food!) “You have my favorite cookies, thank you!” (takes a bunch). ! Rude Best Answer:

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