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Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd November 2010

question blank stare : How do you define “mother” ?
This is not meant to be propaganda or inflammatory. I’m totally serious. I’ve been struggling with this word for months, and I thought some might be willing to helfen.Teil me is my problem that some people do when the woman that there to pick you up if you want to define covered, raised you, of you and took care of you. I understand and am sympathetic to that definition. But then my adoptive mother, who does not have custody of me after the divorce of my parents was not there from day to day to raise me and take care of me. She loved me, and I, but it ended up working day by day, a Mutter.Wenn we say it is still my mother because she cared about me, even though they could not be there all the time, then it would seem to apply to my first mother auch.Es seems like there’s no good way to get going this term, that each case to define coverage. But I’m still interested. Hören.Leider I want your opinion … I wanted to say “it * not * the daily work” Best Answer:

answer by Sarah
As you said, there are many different ways to look at it. I think you just have to look at a number of different definitions and combine them into your own (as it sounds like you do). Some say it takes only the wearing and the birth of a child to a parent to believe sein.Einige that there is a woman who lovingly to a child in a “caring, compassionate care’s way, regardless of who the child is born wird.Für me it’s the letztere.Es as the saying:” Everyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a father “- but that saying goes … The same could be for a mother / parent to say .** We will in the “Adoption” section, I put this spin on it, I gave birth to a girl, seven years ago. I was then a mother. But I do not feel I was a mother in a MOM (mother) until I had two more children later. But the woman who adopted my baby mother (MOM) right when they accepted my baby, although she had never been born. Kinda cool, right? ** (2) You know, I was not accepted. I was raised by my biological parents. But I know what you think about my mother loved me and I, but it was not the day to day work, a parent. My mother was always busy, or do it “projects”. But she was sure my mother, is not it? So, so was yours. We just may not be the mothers we want to we have had. That was hard for me, because as it’s been hard for you sounds. But it has nothing to do with not accepted or not. IMHO

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