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Posted in Babysitting on 22nd November 2010

question of Oasis Goode : How do you deal with difficult people
I’m 16 turning 17th This is what happened: Today I went to my school office with two of my brothers and the first thing we were greeted with, before I have the chance to smile or say “hello” was a bad “Yes What are you doing? here? sit by Secretary “A”, I told my little brother, Kyle, situation, and we were told. We were exactly 40 minutes. We were not told how long we should wait. We were told to sit and were ignored for 40 minutes. Tired of waiting, I got up and asked to make an appointment for another time. I was told, “No sitting on you,” I said “I can not simply make an appointment?” I was told again, “No, you have to sit down,” This is only 1 / 10 of the rudeness I dealt with today. From one of the two Frauen.Die other woman, secretary “B” tries to explain where Secretary “A” came from: “You see, it is common sense, well, you’re not stupid you are if you had brought in a parent, We would please greeted with a smile, but since, as it only you and your brothers, there is not much we can do “Well, I do not see why my mother in the school would put a smile on the face of a person made. Things would go faster with my mother, but nice and helpful, not hard! It is not hard to smile and say, “Hi, you do have a date Oh no Well you may have to wait a while, if you can make an appointment for another time and be sure to bring in a parent?” I do not think it was “personal” with. I do not have an “average” face and I do not think I have a “medium” vibe. At least not until later. I am a baby faced 16 year old girl, the ever-eighth of a Grader is wrong. I am a “cute” at least 3 times a day. So I do not think the secretary looked at me and said, “It is a terrible person.” People have bad days, but this was just pure b_t_h mode. I mean, who spoke kindly to me and explain (kind of) the situation would have been better than being ignored, and only because I am a teenager and do not have a parent with me .* sigh * spoke Anyway, after a while, my brother to finally talk to the vice-principal, but I was so with what happened just moments ago that I stormed angrily. This is what happened: Secretary A: Okay, Kyle, you can now kommenMe and my bro’s get upSec. A: No, only KyleÄltere bro: I’m going with him, so I can talk to the client zuSec. A: They are his parents? No, you can not come in older bro: I’m his brother. I’m Familie.Sec. A: A Sec Okay.Ich get up and ask me: What are you doing I: I’m gehenSec.A: No you’re nichtich: Yes, I am, I’m his SchwesterSec. A: Sit down, there is no place for dich.Ich was furious and stormed out. Now, what I did was to do a “Girl Thing”. Storming in a Huff, I mean. BUT! Have the secretaries, not rude? I really do not think it was just my “hormones” and “emotions” that they made rude seam. I really think they were disrespectful and not very hilfreich.Jetzt finally (sorry for the long rant / statement) here is my question. What would you have done? My brother (who was not there) said I should have said the secretaries “I feel you are disrespectful to me and you are not acting professionally at all. I do not appreciate knowing not helpful and ignored for almost an hour.” He said, that would suffice to give them the feeling shitty, even if it does not solve anything. I wish I said that, but what’s done is done. I stormed out. Would you have spoken to the secretaries? Stormed out? Cried? Ignore them? Made derogatory remarks? Bonus question For those of you who ignore difficult people, how you do it? How do you take care not that easy? My brothers, who were with me in the school office, said the secretaries were idiots, but they did not appear to be disturbed. I was really the only one who showed no symptoms. So how do you remain quiet? Did you just say, “I am better than the” insult or in your head? lol. This is just really bothers me. And school starts in a few days: (I will not always see the secretary again, but will unfortunately ich.Es were a few more incidents that happened, but that was long enough as it should clarify ist.Ich all was. solved with Kyle and the most important. I was not allowed in the room, but my older brother said everything went well. There is no need to go back to the office with my mother. My question is, you would have stormed out? Schriesheim? etc. How you deal with rude disrespectful people like you want to ignore it Best Answer:?

reply Kimura Sakuba
Well, as I see it is rude that people are just annoying, and so by that is like sinking their level upset. I tend to be better people and behave courteously at all times. Not only will it show them how good looks, but their polite rudeness seem childish. A small form of revenge>: D

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