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Posted in Working Mothers on 14th November 2010

question of Momo’s got some nice looking cupcakes . How can I ever had a relationship with my “father” again ?
I have no interest in repairing the damaged relationship with my “mother”. I despise this woman practically. Honestly now, I despise them both. Back in April I was forced into an abortion by the 2 of them and the father of the child. Then, in May, later they sent me to Costa Rica to stay with an aunt, and promised me I could come back any time I wanted. Well, I am still in Costa Rica and they do not want to bring me back. I do not have money for a ticket, blah blah it’s not about the money. I have thoughts of suicide and told my “parents” I wanted to kill me because I am absolutely miserable in this country. They laughed and told me to call the psychologist. They call me maybe once a month, and hardly reply to emails. In addition, do not take the advice of the psychologist them. I think you are constantly, and keep betraying me. I do not think my “parents” no more and I’m not her daughter. I do not understand why someone do this the child. I have a hard time dealing with my loss, and she has just left here and I feel so much worse. (It was the homeless or whatever I was wearing even.) They told me if I went back to the U.S., I will not be able to go to college or work. They took back my car and my phone service turned off. I’m 19 and I have decided to no longer live with them, even if I said the street leben.Das last time on the phone, I to my father that he does not know how it feels to lose a child. He revealed that he lost a son. Why did he make me lose mine? Why should he put his daughter through the same pain he went through? That made me even angrier at him. I miss the relationship I had with my father, we were very close. But I do not think I ever be able to forgive him. Can someone help me? I do not know what to do ist.Haben you ever been in this situation Best Answer:

reply from Nick
It seems that your main problem is the lack of money. For free in 19 years you legally to do what you want and want to live anywhere. But to pay for free how to do it for your own costs. What do you kann.Sie not depend on your parents for your expenses paid. And that’s why they’re still treat you like a child and not a Erwachsener.Vielleicht your parents have done wrong with you. But it is your continued dependence on them, that they have the opportunity to do with you what they want. Rather than suicidal, maybe you should try to earn some money. Because that is what you need to get your life back on track.

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