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Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of K. . Hey, guys … I was “scolded” by Baby Sitting “customers”? Advice, please?
So, okay. I was babysitting this peoplewhose children I have seen for about two years. On Saturday evening, well, I had a really bad day. I left her children in the cellar … and I was up Facebook-Ing. The lady called me and she just wanted me tlka about the whole situation. She was a little nervous because they have a young daughter. I wonder if I ever get a call from them again .. baby-sit? Whaddo you think .. the husbands, a policeman, and the parents are pretty strick, but the mother is very forgiving. I am sincerely sorry. Do you thin kthat’ll be enough? I do not want to lose my job t … Well, it’s not like I was on the computer all night. About ten minutes or so, I go down to check it. In addition, the younger child down with her two much older brothers, waitch a movie … I just really want to see them again … [ Best Answer:

reply DevineFeline You can
or not. It all depends on if they feel able to trust you continue. Leave the children in the cellar was a pretty bad idea …

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