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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question from Cupcake Ninja : Help a confused young girl with her issues
Okay, so I have known this man for almost five years and a few months ago he asked me out. I said yes, but then he asked me if something I ever had sex and if I ever do so and I did not tell him, because I am so. then he said he had to cancel our sddenly because he “had to go out of town.” Then he asked me again and I said no … then a few times until I finally said yes again. then he never showed up. Now he asks me every weekend, but I believe such excuses as “I’m going” “I have the baby sit” or “I’m busy, maybe later.” it seems all he wants to do is to make our “dates” because he will not go again, just sitting around in his car and talk and find out. I thought I liked him, but it has changed. we speak not even in school, although I have a class with him. everything we do is awkward eye contact, then he looks away, I myself try to avoid because it cumbersome. I sometimes catch him staring at me. I do not know what to do. My friends say I should just say I do not want him to hang and is hard to get me to apologize only. Every weekend, he asked me out and I say I’m busy. he is gone so ar as to say, he can sneak to hang in my house when I tell him I have to babysit. I do not know what to do. i really in a sense, my friends know, but my heart or whatever keeps telling me not to say no and try to give him a chance, but my nerves telling me to say no. I’m not sure if all he wants is sex or ake out session, so basically my questions a) I play hard to get? b) What should I do? c) he just want sex? Thanks a bunch and sorry this is so long, I’m just sooo confused Best Answer:

reply Charly!
you know better. Has it really important to you? It is your response …

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