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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question by Sarah W : Has anyone from toddler “holding” urine heard all day ?
My two year old son has taken to his holding urine (and feces) all day long. This is not want to potty. He’s still in diapers, potty training and we have not tried before this happens. And he does drink a lot, so he should be the end of August he began going.In his urine and excrement held all day long just to release when, in his crib. He would ask to go in his crib so he could go, but now he is normally holds it until nap or bedtime. Our Dr. said, although an unusual behavior, they do not think anything was physically going on with him, but I’m starting to look at. How anyone can possibly keep it in all day? I would imagine its harmful to the bladder and kidneys? As anyone heard of it? ? Advice Best Answer:

answer by Moon Flower
He feels relax only when he is in his crib. If he is used to it in his crib when he was a baby, so he loves this place. I think that if you potty train him and take him regularly to the toilet, the problem will be solved. My son holds his pee and feces but I’ll take it and put it on the toilet and encourage him to do it. Give him something he likes, he feels himself relax on the toilet. Good Luck

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