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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of Grayelf : Does money sent voluntarily “mother” countries adversely affect our economy in the U.S. ?
The use of news agencies, is to send money to other countries is a common practice. Non-working people, both legal and illegal use of these services often nationalized. Large portions, if not all, is the income from their families at home go abroad. The exchange rate of the host country has obvious benefits to their family but are none of these funds back into the internal economy of the United States cirrculated. Are there limits on the amounts that can be sent? As the economy of the U.S. is concerned Best Answer:

response from Andy
supports the use of hawalas money (sometimes) terrorism and money laundering that than to überweisen.Other are transfers the right of all immigrants, legal or illegal. Unless you want to have a communist controlled currency, such as Cuba or Zimbabwe, it’s the price you pay for freedom and no exchange controls, and all those cheap Chinese stuff you kaufen.Merkantilismus is dead. Long Live globalization! (And the impoverishment of the middle class)

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