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Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of $ $ $ : Do you want to use the word “more” and how would you interpret the word that she said ?
Do you want to use the word “more” and how would you word she said to interpretierenOk here is another matter. Yesterday I took my mother from work. I told her I had an interview on Thursday this week, and I chose to wear an outfit. She said that they do not kümmern.Heute (Wednesday) I was looking through my hope chest to make sure one of my sweaters were there and this reminded me of her comment as she yesterday she did not care what I wear, but then remembered I said to her comment of the jacket I wore to drop off last week, again aufnehmen.Also I asked, “How do you say yesterday that you care what I wear, but you can also submit comments” She replied: “I do not care”, I said “But you have a comment about the jacket I wore on that day to drop off the resume,” she said, “But you were going on an interview,” I said, “I’m at Tomorrow is a “She replied,” I do not care no more, not after how you react if I told you, the jacket “The more I was angry because it was implied Dingen.Wir had to fight some. She told me I dress terribly great things to me (which they are not). She said yesterday a material that no one bears more trug.Ich told her that she is a child and never grew up until I told her another blouse to work, they would hide a stretched T-shirt to wear see tragen.Du it is no longer bothers me. It’s like when you say “I think you dress disgusting, but I will not say,” And I always get compliments from allen.Die thing I ask is never. It will say something without asking me Best Answer.

Answer by Nena
I think you’re over-thinking it. It’s just that they do not say something “more” because you get mad. So just means more, again and again

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