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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

question of Des : Do you think “loser mothers” are just as bad …?
… Fathers as a failure? If you are a woman who pays child support can not hear you honestly have a negative opinion of her, or do you think it’s different for women? I know we are not to be sexist, but what do you think honestly? Since my husband for divorce from his ex-wife 5 years ago (and even while it separated the two years before the divorce) he is 100% custody of his two sons. When he tried to collect child support, she literally threw ab * tch fit and screamed and cried on the phone that they could pay money for their children’s impossible “situation.” Keep in mind that my husband put in beauty college when they were married and still not said too much. Once he received a letter from the child support division stating that he owed in child support money if he had full custody of his children. He called the child support dept and they did not believe he had custody! He had to physically take his sons to show the office that he had (her mother lives in WA, while living in Canada). In addition, he had to prove that they lived to show here. Fortunately, he had documents from their school and kindergarten. All in all, they tried to collect welfare if they do not care even about their own children! It’s just really upsets me that the system against such fathers! It should not prove who had that he has custody of his children! His ex-wife sees her sons more than one months of the year! After she cried about having to pay child support, my husband agreed to stop the seizure. Now he wants to start it again because it is not true that they are not responsible, especially since he quit paying $ 4,000 for her school. There is no reason it should not work and pay to have your opinions unterstützen.Was Best Answer:

reply desmeran (emeritus) I
not imagine how anyone in case it makes no difference at all.

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