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Posted in Working Mothers on 20th November 2010

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My bf and I have been living together for almost 2 years. He has 3 children living with her mother. The 2 younger ones are 7 and 9, which is 16 years older. I work nights and my bf is working days so we dont see much of each other during the week. His children come every weekend from Friday to Sunday at 9pm and almost every day from school. They also come in every break, and in the summer for a long time. Her mother does, that they are. The result is a strain on our relationship because we never have alone time. He really expected to cook and clean for them, do their laundry, etc. My daughter is 16, so I feel like I shouldn’t have to be small children to take any more. If the measure goes for us, they have all the time like this, or am I just a bad person? I like them, but I feel just a surrogate mother for his children. If other women do this? When I talk to him about throwing it straight I do not like his children. I just want to know what would other women I would also add that his with him not in order, when I tell them what they ever do example: run please dont in the house, or take your shoes at the door. So I get all the work to do as a mother, but I cannot no control over their behavior Best Answer.

reply Mexicaliente
Nr.Stattdessen a mother to them, if you are the man you kümmern.Sehen it as an opportunity to sein.Genießen a mother it. Welcome to love his Kinder.Ansonsten Hell.Die show time.

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