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Posted in Working Mothers on 18th November 2010

question of glendazamot : .. Could I in trouble? Custody you …?
To put it briefly, I have recently moved out of my friends house with my two children. We have had a problem in the past that we both had restraining orders, and I mean hurt, that’s like 2 years ago. All of this is over, but I file for custody of the children because my ex-mother-in-law was threading me away with my children, because “I’m not a good mother.” I work full time, is never without my children and love them to death. Every chance I will not judge the custody of the children? Also, I do not take drugs and have never Best Answer.

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In most cases, the courts take children from their Mutter.Doch a good mother does not have restraining orders against them they do hurt.

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