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Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd November 2010

question by Kathy : Can my “stepmother” I think of my father to see ?
We live in New Jersey with our mother and our parents divorced in July 2006, then my dad met this crazy women, not as they seemed to like us at all about Dad. She seemed in control of him or anything. My father did his job with the state and moved to SC with the woman in April 2007. He would call us, write us small gifts and cards, but never sounded like Papa again, just sounded strange. If he wanted to call us more welcome than he had from a phone booth cuz she would not want to spend their money, call us, and he’d call a hard time finding work. We spoke with him the last time in mid-January 2008 and he was going to call this Saturday and it never did. As the new wife (no one can prove related to the marriage yet, and he told me he was not married to her, she just wanted him to wear a ring) never leave your phone number we did not know what happened Papa. We were excited cuz it is not liked, it was never give us a call. My mother began to search and then called all the hospitals and found her father in a hospital in a coma and on life. My father was always healthy. The “new woman” never called to let us know, is not one of us kids (we are 19, 12 and 6) to speak, not to speak to my mother or someone in Dad’s family. We have no idea what happened, but my mother looking after us, that we do not know, he’s still in a coma, but now in a nursing home in Greenville, SC. No one is even a telephone to his ear so he can hear our voices. We just want to know what happened our father to see him and hear us. It sucks everyday to know. I just hope he does not die before we can see him and have some rights, because we could not always know where he is buried or anything. Is this legal to do for them? Should not these places allow us to see him? “We can not visit him because she has it where nobody can see him, because he in a coma, not a soul, but she went …. No one has seen him. It will not allow anyone. We can not hear his side because he can not speak. I just think it takes to make a sick person suffering 3 children and wonder about her father. I love him so much, Best Answer:

reply blessedwith3boys
I would do a private detective to find him, and probably a lawyer on his way to find out what your rights are. I know that will cost money, but I have no idea how to go about this alone.

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